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Exceeding Medical Industry Standards with ABLE Converting Solutions

Exceeding Medical Industry Standards with ABLE Converting Solutions

For converting companies, the medical industry is one of the most demanding sectors we work with. . This market segment has very specific standards and requirements that need to be met; thus it can be difficult to find a converter that can assure quality.

Fortunately, ABLE can help you produce high-quality medical devices by using medical-grade material that will not just meet, but exceed, the industry’s requirements. 

ABLE Converting: Medical Solutions That Exceed Standards

Raw materials, design solutions, and capabilities allow ABLE to create customized parts for medical market solutions. We can also help you identify the right adhesives, films, and other medical-grade materials that can meet and even exceed requirements set by the industry. 

We can support building your medical devices and provide you with customized and high-quality medical-grade materials. And, because of our experience in the medical industry, we can also provide you with possible solutions for any challenges you may experience. We also ensure that you can get the best price for a high quality part.

Here’s a  quick glance at a few of medical market solutions into which you will find our customized parts:

Cleanroom Facilities: A Testament of Safety 

One of ABLE’s many capabilities that coincide with the medical industry is what we can do inside our cleanroom facilities. 

We understand that the medical industry has many requirements; and cleanliness ranks as one of the most important. In order to produce medical devices, converters need to maintain a sterile environment free of moisture and particles, to avoid or inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold. 

ABLE takes pride in its cleanroom facilities that help meet the industry’s strict requirements, from fabrication to assembly, and finally, packaging. At ABLE, we offer the following capabilities within our cleanroom facilities: 

Further, ABLE boasts a cleanroom workspace that’s more than 1,200 square feet as well as ISO-6 cleanroom and ISO-7 cleanroom certifications that act as the symbol of cleanliness. 

Exceeding Industry Standards Through Partnerships 

At ABLE, we take pride in the partnerships we have made during our years of service. Through our partners, we provide customers with the solutions they need that meet the requirements set by the industry. In order to achieve this, we only partner with the best in the industry.

We are the preferred converters of 3M and Rogers Corporation, with both companies well known in the medical industry. We can better assist our customers through these partnerships. As their preferred converters, we have the following perks that we also extend to our customers:

3M and Rogers Corporation offer much to the medical industry, including oral care, medical solutions, health information systems, biopharmaceuticals, laser diode cooling, transdermal patches, and prosthetics. 

ABLE ensures that we can deliver only the best products to our customers. This is why we also make sure that the materials and the facilities we use are the best in the industry, so that we not only meet but exceed requirements. Moreover, we also ensure that our converting solutions can provide the best results for customers, so we offer them what they need and more.

Interested in learning more? Talk to us today, and we’ll be glad to assist you. 

ABLE will also be at the MD&M West Trade Show from February 7 to 9, 2023, at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA. We’ll be glad to answer any queries that you might have about our medical solutions at the event. The ABLE booth (Booth #3091) will be at Exhibit Hall D.

Drop by our booth at the MD&M West Trade Show, and our representatives will be more than happy to assist you with what you need.