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Innovative Vibration Management and Sealing Solutions by ABLE Automotive

ABLE Automotive

Innovation is essential for success in the automotive industry, which is a dynamic field. ABLE Automotive leads the way in everything from vibration management to precise sealing solutions, all because of its continuous dedication to quality. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Saint-Gobain, 3M, and Rogers Corporation, ABLE Automotive can provide innovative solutions that exceed industry standards.

Vibration Management at ABLE Automotive

Vibration management poses a significant challenge in the automotive industry, affecting everything from vehicle performance to passenger comfort. ABLE Automotive, in partnership with its respected partners, fulfills this obstacle directly by offering a variety of solutions adapted to each client’s particular needs.

From vibration management and noise reduction to sealing and gasketing solutions, ABLE’s automotive offerings are designed to meet the evolving needs of modern vehicles. By harnessing the latest materials, processes, and engineering techniques, ABLE ensures that its automotive solutions not only meet but exceed industry standards.

One of ABLE’s key strengths lies in its strategic partnerships with leading companies such as Saint-Gobain, 3M, and Rogers Corporation. These partnerships provide ABLE with access to cutting-edge technologies and expertise, enabling the company to deliver innovative solutions that address the most complex automotive challenges.


Saint-Gobain, renowned for its expertise in the transportation sector, offers a diverse solution of products designed to enhance vehicle performance while reducing vibrations and noise. Their lightweight glazing solutions provide thermal, visual, and acoustic comfort, setting new standards in vibration management for the automotive industry. With a solution-based approach and a commitment to environmental sustainability, Saint-Gobain continues to revolutionize the way automotive vibrations are managed.


With over a century of experience in the automotive industry, 3M is a trusted name synonymous with innovation and reliability. Their comprehensive approach to vibration management encompasses both structure-borne and air-borne noise, offering a range of solutions to address rattling, squeaking, and buzzing. From vibration damping tapes to high-performance gaskets and seals, 3M’s products are designed to optimize vehicle performance and enhance the driving experience.

Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation boasts an extensive portfolio of solutions for noise abatement, vibration damping, and vibration isolation. Their PORON Polyurethane and BISCO Silicone lines are highly effective at deflecting vibrations and stabilizing various environments, making them ideal choices for automotive applications. With a focus on long-term durability and resistance to environmental challenges, Rogers Corporation’s products set new standards in vibration management for the automotive industry.

Sealing and Gasketing

ABLE Automotive excels in providing sealing and gasketing solutions that surpass industry standards. Partnering with Saint-Gobain, 3M, and Rogers Corporation, ABLE Automotive delivers materials that are specifically designed to address particular issues, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Saint-Gobain offers a variety of brands and solution-based approaches to address sealing and gasketing needs, while 3M provides a comprehensive range of gaskets and seals tailored to various automotive applications. Rogers Corporation’s high-performance materials, including PORON Polyurethanes and BISCO Silicones, offer unmatched durability and resistance to compression, making them ideal for sealing and gasketing applications in the automotive industry.

Elevating Excellence Through Industry Partnerships

ABLE Automotive is committed to pushing the limits of vibration management and sealing solutions through partnerships with industry leaders and an unwavering pursuit of innovation. Whether it’s reducing noise and vibrations or ensuring optimal performance and reliability, ABLE Automotive is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and setting new standards of excellence in the automotive industry.

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