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Sekisui Kasei: Shaping Industries with Unparalleled Chemical, Industrial, and Automotive Solutions

Sekisui Kasei Shaping Industries with Unparalleled Chemical, Industrial, and Automotive Solutions

At ABLE, we remain dedicated to delivering unrivaled custom converting solutions to our valued customers. As part of our unwavering commitment to innovation, we actively seek partnerships with companies that can propel us forward. It is with great pride that we announce our latest collaboration, aimed at expanding our offerings and solidifying our position as industry leaders in solution provision.

We are delighted partner with Sekisui Kasei, a company renowned for their expertise in Hydrogel. This collaboration fills us with enthusiasm as we join forces to provide our customers with unparalleled solutions to overcome any challenges they encounter. Together, we strive to deliver nothing short of excellence, ensuring our customers receive the finest solutions.

Introducing Sekisui Kasei:  Innovating Chemical, Industrial, and Automotive Solutions

Sekisui Kasei U.S.A. Inc., a subsidiary of Sekisui Kasei Co., Ltd., is a distinguished manufacturer of bespoke polymer materials and finished foam components designed for various applications. With over 60 years of expertise in foaming technologies, they have earned a prominent position as a worldwide frontrunner in our industry.

Established in Japan in 1959, the company has grown expansively and now operates across 36 locations globally, including four in North America. Their core focus lies in delivering customized protective polymer solutions meticulously crafted to address the unique requirements of their discerning clientele. They take great pride in their ability to offer tailored solutions that precisely match their customers’ needs.

Sekisui Kasei: Enhancing Performance across Chemical, Industrial, and Automotive Domains

Sekisui Kasei stands at the forefront as a premier global supplier of polymer materials and foam products. With their expertise spanning polymerization, extrusion, molding, and foaming technologies, they excel in delivering innovative solutions that propel their customers to unprecedented levels of achievement in their diverse industries. Their state-of-the-art offerings are meticulously designed to empower their clients and enable them to attain remarkable success in their respective fields.

Chemical Solutions

Sekisui Kasei presents an exclusive ion cross-link technology that caters perfectly to cosmetic and skin care applications, enabling the incorporation of solvents and moisture-enhancing ingredients. Their exceptional capabilities allow for customizing shapes, formulations, and colors, ensuring precise fulfillment of clients’ unique requirements. Moreover, within the Sekisui Kasei family, ST Gels, a subsidiary, employs a safe and skin-friendly methodology to manufacture odorless materials. These materials find versatile applications in the healthcare industry, serving purposes such as fastening, sensing, or stimulation while adhering to the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

Industrial and Automotive Solutions

Sekisui Kasei emerges as a prominent provider of molded foam and additives, catering specifically to the automotive industry. Their cutting-edge solutions serve as a catalyst for clients in meeting the ever-increasing demands of the market. Notably, Sekisui Kasei’s EPS and Piocelan foam materials unlock unparalleled design flexibility, perfectly suited for intricate part geometries. 

On the other hand, their molded foam parts and packaging solutions present a lightweight alternative, effectively enhancing fuel efficiency while delivering superior protection and safety performance. By leveraging these innovative offerings, Sekisui Kasei empowers automotive manufacturers to stay at the forefront of their field, meeting the evolving needs of today’s dynamic market.

Sekisui Kasei ST-Gel: Customer-Centric Solutions for Every Application

Sekisui Kasei introduces ST-Gel™, a highly safe and versatile gel material. With its proprietary manufacturing technology, ST-Gel™ offers customizable characteristics and can securely hold solvents, moisturizers, and more. It finds applications in various fields and industries. ST-Gel™ is known for its superior safety, customizable adhesiveness, adjustable conductivity, and unique moisture management capabilities. It represents a significant advancement in gel materials, delivering exceptional performance and tailored solutions.

ST-Gel’s versatility makes it a popular choice for a wide range of applications, offering customization options to perfectly suit each customer’s unique requirements. Its applications encompass various areas, including the production of OEM cosmetic gel masks and processed electrode products. Here’s comprehensive overview of the diverse applications where ST-Gel excels:

ST-Gel Applications: Precision Solutions Aligned with Customer Needs

Cosmetic Applications 

Sekisui Kasei specializes in providing OEM services for customizable cosmetic gel masks, offering soft gel materials tailored in shape and formulation to meet specific customer requirements. Unlike non-woven fabric masks, these gel masks contain cosmetic ingredients that gradually seep into the skin, delivering moisturizing effects and nourishing beauty components. With the rising popularity of cosmetic gel masks for skincare, Sekisui Kasei is committed to meeting the increasing demand by leveraging its expertise in soft gel materials and OEM capabilities, aiming to supply high-quality gel masks that cater to individual customer needs and contribute to an enhanced skincare experience.

Material Applications

ST-Gel, renowned for its versatility, offers a customized solution that perfectly aligns with the unique requirements of customers. Whether in the form of sheets, rolls, or other custom shapes, Sekisui Kasei ensures that ST-Gel can be supplied in the most suitable configuration for each application. 

As the industry needs to evolve, Sekisui Kasei remains committed to advancing its proprietary technology, constantly striving to exceed customer expectations and stay at the forefront of the manufacturing industry. The relentless pursuit of development and improvement drives Sekisui Kasei’s commitment to deliver tailor-made solutions that empower customers and meet the ever-changing demands of the market.

Medical Field Applications

ST-Gel, known for its excellent stability, is widely chosen as a conductive adhesive for bioelectrodes in various medical fields. Sekisui Kasei goes beyond providing ST-Gel as a gel material, offering a complete production system that includes the manufacturing of finished products such as electrodes and adhesive pads. With a strong track record in design, manufacturing, and sales of medical equipment, Sekisui Kasei is a trusted industry leader. 

The polymer matrix of ST-Gel, enriched with moisturizers and electrolytes, provides desirable characteristics like adhesiveness, dry resistance, and conductivity. When combined with electrode elements, ST-Gel ensures reliable adherence to the skin, precise sensing of currents, and efficient transmission of device-generated currents. This makes it an ideal choice for bioelectrodes and a range of medical applications.

Healthcare Applications

The rising health awareness among individuals has fueled the widespread adoption of TENS and EMS devices across diverse age groups while wearable devices continue to gain momentum. ST-Gel’s exceptional conductivity has positioned it as a highly sought-after choice for applications involving the measurement of human electrical signals and electrical stimulation. Furthermore, its low skin irritation properties make it ideal for repetitive use. 

With the ability to customize ST-Gel adhesive pads by incorporating hooks, lead wires, and flexible printed circuit boards, customers can obtain tailored solutions that cater to the specific requirements of various industries and applications.

At ABLE, our unwavering commitment rests in delivering exceptional custom converting solutions to our clients. We recognize the importance of collaboration with innovative partners, which is why we are thrilled to join forces with Sekisui Kasei. Together, we possess the capability to provide high-quality solutions that address the specific challenges faced by our clients. With a shared dedication to excellence, ABLE and Sekisui Kasei are well-positioned to deliver outstanding products and services that exceed expectations.

If you are interested in learning more about our collaborative work and the solutions we offer in partnership with Sekisui Kasei, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our team is eager to assist you and provide further information.