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Box Truck Builds Enhanced with 3M Products and ABLE’s Expertise Collaboration

Within the box truck builds industry, the partnership between 3M’s highest-quality products and ABLE’s expertise as a 3M preferred converter produces a unique combination that goes above and beyond expectations. This collaboration not only ensures the utilization of premium materials but also incorporates cutting-edge techniques, resulting in box trucks renowned for their unparalleled strength and reliability. The collaboration between 3M and ABLE sets a new standard for excellence in box truck builds, whether it is through the use of specialized tapes for strong bonding or sealants to reinforce against weather issues.

3M Company: Pioneering Top-Tier Industry Products

Founded in 1902 as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, 3M has evolved into a global leader in manufacturing diverse products across various industries. Renowned for its culture of innovation and strong commitment to research and development, 3M offers a variety of solutions spanning healthcare, transportation, consumer goods, electronics, and industrial sectors. With a presence in over 70 countries and operations in more than 200, 3M serves customers worldwide with its innovative products, including adhesives, abrasives, films, tapes, and various other materials. The company’s dedication to sustainability, corporate responsibility, and ethical business practices has solidified its position as a trusted name synonymous with innovation, quality, and reliability in markets across the globe.

Elevate Performance in Box Truck Builds with 3M

Leading the way in innovation, 3M provides a wide variety of carefully designed products to satisfy the demanding requirements of box truck builds. From bonding solutions to weather-proofing materials, the product lineup of 3M is known for its consistent commitment to quality and performance which has raised the bar for box truck builds.

Products that stand out in this industry include: 

VHB Tapes

As the backbone of box truck assemblies, 3M’s Very High Bond (VHB) tapes revolutionize bonding with their exceptional strength and durability. These tapes offer a seamless alternative to traditional mechanical fasteners, ensuring strong and reliable bonding solutions for various components. As a 3M preferred converter, ABLE provides access to an extensive range of VHB tapes, empowering builders with unmatched bonding capabilities.

Adhesive Sealants

Vital for sealing critical components against the harsh realities of transportation and weather exposure, 3M’s Adhesive Sealants offer superior adhesion and weather resistance. These sealants safeguard against moisture, vibration, and extreme temperatures, thereby enhancing the longevity and integrity of box truck assemblies. Partnering with ABLE ensures seamless access to these premium sealants, fortifying box trucks against the elements.

Extreme Sealing Tape

When ultimate weatherproofing is imperative, 3M’s Extreme Sealing Tape emerges as the go-to solution. Engineered to seal joints, seams, and connections in box truck assemblies, this innovative tape excels in extreme conditions, providing a strong barrier against water, dust, and contaminants. Through ABLE’s expertise, integrating Extreme Sealing Tape becomes a seamless process, offering unparalleled protection to cargo and equipment.

Why Partner with ABLE for Box Truck Builds?

As a 3M preferred converter, ABLE represents expertise and dependability in the field of converting solutions, making it the preferred converter for box truck build projects. With this recognized name, ABLE has demonstrated its profound understanding of 3M products and its ability to convert them, guaranteeing unrivaled knowledge and support.

Here’s why partnering with ABLE elevates the standards of box truck builds:

The collaboration between 3M and ABLE transforms the way box truck builds is done by providing access to top 3M products and unmatched converting solutions. By combining expertise, innovation, and cost efficiency, ABLE elevates the standards of durability, reliability, and weatherproofing in box truck build projects. With a reliable partner committed to their success, customers may build their box trucks with confidence. The future of box truck builds is not only brighter than it has ever been but also more innovative and resilient thanks to ABLE and 3M.

Do you want to learn more about this? Contact ABLE today, and we’ll be more than happy to guide you through 3M’s solutions for box truck builds.